Road to OSCP Certification

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So on October 2017, I started my journey towards becoming OSCP certified (Offensive Security Certified Professional). This certification tests the capabilities of an individual to obtain access and elevated access to computing systems, through a practical examination that lasts for 24 hours. Yes, I did say 24 hours and on top of that there is another 24 hours for you to deliver a detailed penetration report.

So going back to describing the course, it is essentially self paced and you purchase lab time in order to help in your practical learning. The lab is comprised of several vulnerable systems that will keep you occupied for a long time.  The systems range from a few hours to a couple of days to solve, and vary in the number of different types of vulnerabilities. There is a forum for students to ask each other for help but it is heavily monitored by the Offensive Security staff to prevent any spoilers or obvious clues. It is beneficial that the student use the forum sparingly in order to get the most out of the course. 

The lab also has a couple of “Trophy” machines which are systems that are much harder than the other lab machines. I personally feel that you are ready for the exam if you can solve these “Trophy” machines. Something to note the staff at Offensive Security will not provide any advice at all for these machines. That being said they have a very Platonic response on the regular machines. “How did you come to that conclusion?”, “What did you find out about that service?… and so forth”.

Finally, the exam was fairly hard in my opinion and I felt that Offensive Security deliberately made me waste time, ultimately I was fortunate in being able to pass the exam the first time even though the forums show students discussing their 4-5+ attempts.

OSCP – “I tried harder” …… Next stop more certifications… OSCE, and Chef Certifications

OSCP Certified

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